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          Our “By the Sea Soap Shoppe” soaps are so good for your skin that sometimes we forget to mention that they also cleanse, remove grease and dirt and eliminate bacteria and viruses, even any new versions of old viruses that come along (including the coronavirus).

Bit of Trivia -  The coronavirus has been around since the 1960s; 
viruses often mutate producing new versions.

          We're all exposed to germs and bacteria each day which can impact our skins' ability to heal and puts us at risk of getting sick. 

Many think that harsh antibacterial soaps are required
to kill germs and bacteria - but this isn't the case.

          For years before commercial cosmetic and skincare companies started adding-in synthetic chemicals, soap for cleansing was made with natural oils and ingredients. Many store-bought “soap” bars are more chemical detergent than actual healthy soap.

The CDC states that antibacterial hand cleaners
with added chemicals are no more effective than
natural soaps for killing disease-causing germs.

          We also have healthy bacteria and oils on our skin, including on our hands. Using antibacterial hand sanitizers also kills these healthy bacteria and removes the natural oils which can cause dryness and chapping. When the skin cracks, we are even more vulnerable to bacteria and viruses.  

          We realise that antibacterial agents do have their place. In hospitals, vet clinics, homes with pets, and when allergies come into play, they can do a great job of neutralizing germs in a short period of time. But repeated skin exposure to these harsh chemicals puts your skin at risk of damage.

So without the added harmful chemicals,
how does natural soap help to protect you?

          Mother Nature to the rescue!

          Coconut oil is used in all of our soaps and is antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. Essential oils of course are known for their anti-everything properties, just one of the reasons they’re so great to include in our soaps and in your life.  and of course, all of the essential oils we use are bacterial and virus fighters.

          Lemongrass is one of the top antibacterial/viral oils along with Lavender, Clove, Cinnamon, Orange and Peppermint.

Extra tip – diffuse these oils using a air difuser
to kill airborne pathogens and viruses.

The Bottom Line

          For everyday use, look for soaps that are made without any artificial fillers, chemicals, or artificial antibacterial agents like triclosan. These agents are very tough on the skin, tough on the drain, and studies suggest their effectiveness at killing bacteria over natural oils is inconclusive. 

          If you’d rather not use the hand sanitizers in hospitals and clinics etc. consider getting a little spray bottle and using something like the “Thieves” blend of oils (which has a lab-tested 99.9% kill rate of all airborne bacteria and viruses), or any choice of essential oils that has a good “anti-everything” score.

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