My name is Teresa, and my husband Dennis, along with our son and daughter-in-law Andy and Sarah, are all part of our family business "By the Sea Soap Shoppe" located in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I should also include our daughter, Amy, a hair stylist in Mississauga, Ontario, who took our soaps to her hair salon to see if her clients would like them. (they do!)



Why did we start making soap?



The reason we started making soap is because we really like it. Dennis' sister (more family!) made some soap for herself in her science lab at the university where she teaches and she gave us some. It was much nicer than any of the soap we had been buying in the store.



The following Christmas another sister gave Dennis and me a bar of soap that someone in her town had made, we really liked that one as well.



We realized that going back to the basic homemade soap with its healthier ingredients was something we wanted, and we were pretty sure that a lot of you feel the same way.  



So we like the way the soap feels.



We like the way the soap cleans.



And we like the way the soap smells!



One of the challenges in our own family has been that of dealing with autoimmune issues. There have been puzzling sensitivities - don't touch this, don't eat that. "Why is she acting like that? Oh, she ate this."



We've known for a long time that some of us can't use just ANY soap in the store - "How many chemicals are listed in the ingredients? Put it back." 



How great is it that this natural soap is healthy and nourishing for the skin, rather than causing problems! Our neighbour is a big, burly guy, but he says that he reacts to everything. Dennis said, "Try our "Soft and Gentle". We think you won't have a problem with it but we'd sure like to know if you do." 



He tried it, and he's been a happy repeat customer ever since. He has no problems at all with it. 



So we're having fun making soap, it's fun including different family members, I'm happy knowing our soap is a product that contains only natural ingredients that benefit and nourish the skin. 



And I'm happy knowing that you will enjoy our soap as well.



Happy sudsing, and drop in at By the Sea Soap Shoppe anytime, either "by the sea" in PEI, or online! 



Dennis, Teresa, Andy, Sarah and Amy 
(and all our little grandkids 
that benefit as well)