By the Sea Soap Shoppe is a small business that Dennis (my husband) and I started in 2018.

People ask us "How did you get started?"

Well first of all, Dennis' sister made some soap for fun in Ontario. It was really nice; nicer than what you buy in the store.

Next, my daughter who lives in Australia decided to try soap as well. She sent us some and it was really nice; nicer than what you buy in the store.

Another daughter in Mississauga said, "You could sell this. People would buy it."

Even though Dennis is currently pastoring a church, we used to have a carpet cleaning company for over twenty years in Mississauga. Dennis likes business! He said, "Let's try this, it might be fun!"

So here we are, in Prince Edward Island. Dennis is still pastoring a church and also working on the soap business. He's the one who makes all the soap. (I make the labels lol). He finds it relaxing, he says. He's also the one who comes up with the colours, scents and designs.

As of this year, in 2023, we've already made over 7,000 bars of soap! I guess people are finding it nice; nicer than what they can buy in the store!

So that's who we are. We turned the garage of our house into a little store, so you're all welcome to drop in any time you're in Prince Edward and come see us. 

We hope to see you soon,

Dennis and Teresa Hubert
680 Duvar Rd. R R 2
Bloomfield Stn. PEI C0B 1E0