New Soaps are Coming!

Teresa Hubert

This time of year is when Dennis has time to think about what new kinds of soaps he should make, what colours to use, what scents should he try next ...

But they don't always work the first time!

For instance, last year was when he first made "Lilac and Lilies". I had said to him, "Oh, purple and pink would be lovely!"

Well, here's the first "purple and pink"...

dark purple soap with dark gray accents

Oh, it's purple alright, but see the dark grey swirls (that you can hardly see); see the gray accent on the top of the bar? That started out PINK!

This happens sometimes; the soap looks perfect when you've just finished it, and then as it starts to cure, it changes... and changes...

This is the second attempt.

mauve soap with white and purple swirls

Not so dark, but it looks a little wild huh, lol

The third time worked! And the scent is lovely. People really like it.

By the Sea Soap Shoppe soap called "Lilac and Lilies". White with swirls in different shade of purple and mauve. Natural ingredients. Vegan. Handmade in Prince Edward Island Canada. $7.00 or 3 for $20.00

The funny thing is - all three of them are still really nice soaps. They all have the same good ingredients, they're just as moisturizing and cleansing, and they all have the same lovely scent! 

Which do you like best? Leave a comment below.  

Come and see us (at 680 Duvar Rd., West Prince) this spring if you're in the area to see all the new kinds of soap, or check them out (when they've finished curing) at!

Have a wonderful rest of your February!

Dennis and Teresa

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